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    Creditor Harassment

    Doan Law Firm is here to protect you from creditor harassment. As soon as you retain our representation, you can rest assured that no more creditors will be legally able to contact you, and we will do everything in our power to defend that right. That means no more emails, letters, phone calls, text messages or other forms of harassing communications.  The following Three Steps must take place to end Creditor Harassment:

    Cease and Desist

    1. Doan Law Immediately Mails Cease and Desist Orders to your Creditors – Once creditors receive our Cease and Desist Orders, they must terminate all future communications with you. With our legal representation, they are required to adhere to the request. This step should even be completed if you are planning on filing for bankruptcy immediately, in case of any unforeseen delays  Remember, we do not send the Cease and Desist Orders to creditors you will maintain payments with such vehicle lienholders, real estate mortgages, certain student loans, etc.

    Creditor Harassment

    2. Begin Keeping Track of Creditor Harassment – Once Doan Law is retained, you should begin keeping track of any and all communications from your creditors on our call log sheets. Since the Cease and Desist Orders legally mandate creditors top communications with you, it’s vital that you keep this log so we can protect you. Even automated calls to your cell phone, texts, emails, etc. should all stop once you’ve retained our services and started the bankruptcy process, so include these in your log, as well.

    We’re Representing You

    3. Let Your Creditors Know Doan Law is Representing You – Answer all phone calls, as often as possible, from your creditors and make sure they know we’re representing you and how to contact us. Then all future correspondences can go through us, not you. You should continue to note all correspondence between you and your creditors, including all the details of all communications in your log.

    Always remember the four “R’s:”

    1)REMEMBER: Remember to log the time, date, name, and phone number of the call.

    2)REFUSE: State, “I refuse to pay this debt since I am filing for Bankruptcy Protection.”

    3)RETAIN “I have retained the Attorneys at Doan Law.”

    4)REFRAIN “Please refrain from all future communications with me.”

    Once you’ve retained our services, you will have the protection of experts and the guidance of experienced professionals. We are here to help. It is especially important that you contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you have received at least 5 communications from any one of your creditors within 10 days of sending out the Cease and Desist letters since this is against the law. We can pursue offending creditors for damages and recover a settlement in most cases.

    We are prepared to fight for your rights. We have sued and won against creditors many times on behalf of our clients, and we can do the same for you. We have recovered over a million dollars from creditors for our clients.  Doan Law ends the harassment and allows you to sleep at night.

    Call or Text (760) 450-3333 or Email to schedule your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with a Bankruptcy Attorney. Hablamos Espanol.

    At Doan Law our Bankruptcy Attorneys will answer all your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy questions.  Doan Law Firm is California’s Largest Family of Attorneys, Specializing in Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives.