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When Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

There is no limit on the number of bankruptcy cases that one may file. In fact, there is no limit in between time frames to file bankruptcy. Nevertheless, if sufficient time between filings does not take place, you may be not be eligible for discharge. So if a bankruptcy case is filed too soon, even though it will not be dismissed, a discharge may not take place. Why would anyone do this? Well there are several reasons to name a few. If enough time has not taken place, but a debtor wants to eliminate their debt in a subsequent chapter

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USE BANKRUPTCY TO REPAIR AND REBUILD YOUR CREDIT! A common myth about filing for Bankruptcy is that it ruins your credit and you can not get credit again or for a very long time. That myth is completely untrue. Generally speaking, people with bad credit actually see their credit scores improve with the filing of a Bankruptcy. This is simply because the credit scoring system heavily relies in a large part on the debt to credit ratio. Since a Bankruptcy eliminates most debts, the debt to credit ratio improves drastically and in many cases becomes perfect. Such an improvement outweighs

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High Income and Expensive Real Estate Still Okay for Chapter 7

We often hear the phrases “I make too much money to file bankruptcy,” or “I have too much property to file for bankrutpcy.”  These myths are often untrue.  Recently, the San Diego Bankruptcy Court allowed debtors with income of $14,500 per month and over $8000.00 in housing expenses related to their “McMansion” to receive a chapter 7 discharge. Generally speaking, if you make too much money, you still may be able to qualify for Chapter 7 relief, and almost always can qualify for Chapter 13 relief.  Likewise, if you have a house with $200k in equity, it is still possible

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Make Sure Your Attorney Sends the Trustee All Required Documents and You Fully Disclose All Information:

DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE. These are probably the most important three words in Bankruptcy. All too often debtors negligently, and sometimes intentionally, fail to disclose all assets and debts. Not only is this a federal crime subject to fine and imprisonment and loss of such assets, but it may also result in the non-issuance or revocation of your discharge. Disclosure also requires complete transparency with your finances. As such, “due diligence” documents are required in the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Courts. Failure to supply all documents will result in your case not being filed, continuances, and/or denial of discharge.

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Can I Get A Refund Of My Bankruptcy Fees?

It is not uncommon for a debtor to have second thoughts about filing for bankruptcy relief, terminate attorney services prior to filing, and request a refund.  There are many reasons debtors change their mind, such as being persuaded by others that bankruptcy is not in their best interest, finding a cheaper price by an inexperienced attorney straight out of school, stepping into newfound wealth with the ability pay their debts, misinformation about its effects on credit, etc. In light of the forgoing, we honor all refunds to the extent any remaining fees exist after deducting reasonable compensation for the time

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Execute a Reaffirmation Agreement to Save Your Car!

In a disappointing decision dated September 15, 2009, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling in Doan Law Firm’s Dumont appeal.   This split 2 to 1 decision established new law in the Ninth Circuit.  Essentially, it overturned the long established “Ride Thru” options for debtors that wanted to keep their vehicles in bankruptcy without signing reaffirmation agreements. Dumont now holds that the general “Ride Thru” option is no longer available due to the BAPCPA amendments to the Bankruptcy Code in 2005.  But there is good news! Dumont  also appears to have created alternative pseudo “Ride Thru” options as long as reaffirmation agreements are involved.  Thus this firm strongly recommends exploring reaffirmation agreements in every

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Bankruptcy and Short Sales in Southern California

For a period of time, Doan Law Firm rarely recommended Short Sales on homes that would be eventually surrendered in conjunction with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.  This was because in the past, there was rarely any benefit to the client.  In fact, short sales years ago created more problems than advantages. Times have changed now.  With the collapse of the United States Real Estate market, and increase in short sales, the short sale environment has morphed into a very advantageous tool for the client.  Short sales are thus much more common, move thru escrow much more quickly, and are often preferred by lenders

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Family Law Practitioners, BEWARE

Are you committing malpractice? The 2005 BAPCPA amendments has now created a malpractice trap for family law attorneys in 11 USC 523a(15).  Failing to take this new provision into account could expose an attorney to liability risks.

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Chapter 7 Flowchart

Often our clients and other debtors want a simple visual to understand how procedurally a chapter 7 operates.   Accordingly, I have created an easy to follow flow chart to better help you understand how chapter 7 works in a nutshell.  By clicking this chapter 7 flowchart,  you will see how the typical chapter 7 proceeds at Doan Law Firm, LLP.  Over 95% of our chapter 7 cases are handled in this fashion, and if you file your case with our firm, chances are your case will proceed in the exact same fashion. Written by Michael G. Doan–  Owner of the

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Security Clearances and Bankruptcy

Security Clearances and Bankruptcy So what happens to your security clearance when you file for bankruptcy protection?  Is it now gone or revoked forever? Is it lowered?  Is your employment affected?  WIll you lose your job or be demoted?  Does your salary decrease? In almost all cases, the answer is “No.”

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    Bankruptcy Alternatives

    Interested in pursuing a settlement outside of Bankruptcy Court, or are you looking for some extra legal advice? We offer many bankruptcy alternatives that help you with debt relief.

    At Doan Law Firm, a San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney can determine what non-bankruptcy alternative is right for you. Including debt settlement, collection defense, short sales, mortgage modification, and RFDCPA/TCPA Lawsuits. Our arsenal of non-bankruptcy alternatives may be just what you need, without the need to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 relief. With a Doan Law Bankruptcy Attorney on your side, you instantly retain Doan Law Firm‘s leverage, credibility, and reputation to achieve the best results for your particular needs.

    Post-Bankruptcy Filing Assistance

    We do not stop once your case has been filed and is finalized. The debt relief lawyers of Doan Law Firm are available to help you get back on the right track financially. Even after your debt has been reduced or eliminated. We offer credit counseling and credit repair, after discharge and case closure. To help you get back on solid financial ground with an improved credit score. In most cases, our clients have a better credit and FICO score after retaining us than before.

    File Bankruptcy Online From Home

    Can’t make it in to a Doan Law Firm office location? No worries! Doan Law Firm utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology, making it easier than ever to file bankruptcy online from the convenience of your home. Many of our busy or home-bound clients complete 100% of their interaction with us over the phone, internet, and mail, without a single compromise. The only place they need to go is to their meeting of creditors.