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    Case Settlements

    Previous Case Settlements Recovered by The Law Offices of Doan Law Firm


    $350,000.00 in a near-drowning case. The San Diego California Law Offices of Doan Law Firm represented a five-year-old boy who fell into a neighbor’s swimming pool and was underwater for an estimated three minutes. The boy went into a coma and was admitted to the ICU for three weeks and emerged with language deficits. Liability was based on the facts that the neighbor’s German Sheppard had ripped a hole in the fence, but a local ordinance requires a five-foot fence around a pool to be in “good repair.” We successfully settled the case for the homeowner’s policy limits, plus a contribution from an adjacent home-owner’s policy, of $350,000, which will grow to over $800,000 in a structured settlement annuity for the boy.

    Medical Malpractice

    $300,000.00 in a San Diego medical malpractice case. We represented a widow and her two children in a difficult wrongful-death medical-malpractice case in Riverside Superior Court. The decedent was a 57-year old male smoker who felt chest pains while gardening. He went to the ER and had an abnormal EKG. When his chest pains subsided, the cardiologist discharged him without performing an angiogram, and he died of a heart attack twelve hours later. The theory of the case was a failure to diagnose an impending heart attack. Our expert was prepared to testify that the standard of care required an angiogram, but the defense expert strongly disagreed, claiming that the defendant could not reasonably predict the heart attack. Although the decedent was a modest wage earner with a short life expectancy, we managed to settle the case for $300,000 in a pre-trial mediation following discovery and a successfully opposed summary-judgment motion.

    Motorcycle Accident

    $300,000.00 in a San Diego California motorcycle accident. We represented a motorcyclist in a case where a dog ran into the street, causing our client to veer sharply and lose control of his bike. He suffered fractured bones and significant sprains throughout his body, and was disabled from working for a year. The dog belonged to a homeowner, who had homeowner’s insurance. During fierce and lengthy pre-suit negotiations with the insurance company, we managed to persuade them that the jury would find in favor of our client and award substantial damages, which caused them to settle.

    Explosion Wrongful-Death

    $300,000.00 in an explosion wrongful-death case. We represented a sixteen year-old girl who lost her father in a horrible welding explosion. A trucking company brought a chipped diesel fuel tank into the welder’s shop for repairs. The trucking company told the welder that the tank only contained diesel fuel, which is safe for welding, when in reality the tank had contained unleaded gasoline, which is unsafe for welding. When the welder began welding, the gasoline vapors ignited causing a dramatic explosion killing him. After a year of aggressive litigation, a settlement was reached in a mediation before the Honorable Retired Judge Herbert Hoffman.


    $190,000.00 in an elder-abuse case. The elderly victim was at risk for falling when he was admitted to a skilled-nursing facility. He was non-ambulatory and needed wheelchair transport and siderails as safety precautions. Additionally, he suffered from impaired vision and took narcotics under doctor’s orders. He should have been provided personal assistance or restraints at all times. One day, while being ignored by the staff and incapable of controlling himself, he fell and broke his hip. Previously, his family saw him with unauthorized restraints on numerous occasions, which means either (1) illegal restraints were being used on this patient; or (2) unauthorized restraints were sometimes viewed by the staff as necessary despite the lack of official written orders. The bottom line is that consent should have been secured for appropriate restraints, corresponding orders should have been made, and the appropriate restraints should have been used by the staff on the day his hip was broken.


    $150,000.00 in a San Diego California police-brutality case. San Diego Police Officers responded to a 911 call about a man acting oddly in a parking lot. He was “confused,” but not aggressive. After officers arrived, the man became evasive, but did nothing wrong. The police officers tackled him without provocation and pepper sprayed him directly in the mouth. He pleaded that he couldn’t breath, and then he expired on the scene. The victim was unmarried and had no children. We represented the surviving family members, and reached a settlement with the municipality.

    These settlements do not constitute guarantees regarding the outcome of your case.

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