New Arguments For Ride-Through!

Presently before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is whether BAPCPA has eliminated “ride-through” for personal property.  In other words, can you continue to keep and maintain your vehicle so long as you maintain the payments as was the case prior to the laws changing? Stay tuned, more on this blog to be published soon. Written […]

What is a Redemption? Will it Save Me Thousands?

Redemption is a method under the Bankruptcy Code that allows you to make a lump sum payment on the car, motorcycle, or other secured asset, and thus pay off the debt entirely.  The lump sum payment is typically substantially less than what you presently owe and their are specific lenders that engage in these loans. […]

Strategic Bankruptcies: I Can Own My Home Free and Clear in 6 Years?

Many of today’;s bankruptcies are much different from those in the past.  With corporate America declaring bankruptcy in chapter 11 and 7 cases each day and famous people like Stephen Baldwin declaring bankruptcy to save their homes, Strategic Bankruptcies are becomming common as a financial planning tool to confront the deterioriating housing market.  Indeed, the list […]

Bankruptcy and Identity Theft

Recently, a local bankruptcy Judge ordered First Future and Keypoint Credit Union to pay sanctions to my client and my firm as a result of their wrongful publication of confidential information of our clients in their proof of claims. Stay tuned, more on this blog and identity theft to be published soon. Written by Michael G. Doan– Michael […]

Chapter 13 Claims: Is Shawn Joking?

I give up.  I throw in the Towel.  I am joining the other side.  After all, if you can’t beat them, join them.  My new company will be called Legitimate Claim Funding LLC, or LCF LLC for short.  Its sole purpose will be to submit claims in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  If Round Up Funding […]